Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loving Bright Colored Glass!

Loving Bright Colored Glass!

Glass has come a long way. I have been collecting vintage glass for years but the modern practice of glass blowing has truly become a unique and beautiful art form. Caleb Siemon, one of my favorite glassblowers has developed his amazing pieces into a colorful lighting line. Caleb's glass is a must for modern design. A unique vessel or a light fixture, all eye candy from a truly talented artist.

Punchy colored glass bowl by Caleb Siemon in the Pal + Smith Showroom

Joe Cariati in his El Segundo studio. Cariati's line is colorful yet sophisticated.
Another one of my favorite artists

Monday, April 9, 2012

Modern Prairie Style

Modern Prairie Style

I am currently working on a new project fashioned after Frank Loyd Wright's Prairie School of style. Prairie style is organic in nature and emphasizes natural materials and textures. In this particular home, the design will be more modern vs traditional. As I started my research, this Craftsman home designed by Nickey Kehoe illustrated how Wright's principles can be applied in a modern and colorful way.

Layering with an industrial flair, this sconce is great by urban Electric

Modern floors and metal framed doors are another way to modernize the Prairie style
image from the book Piet Boon 2

Get this lighting look with Rejuvenation's Menlo Pendant

Love this house!