Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Walls

White Inspiration
Using white walls in a modern home can be colorful! The use of white walls acts as a canvas or a backdrop.  It allows you to be creative with art,wall coverings and finishes. My favorite white paint is Sherwin Williams Extra White. I use it on  every project. 
This image is an example of colorful wall coverings with white walls.
Wall coverings by www.cole-and-son.com
In this image we use warm textures in wood and splashy colors with white paint.
This image from Holly Becker's book Decorate illustrates bold colors on upholstered doors and seating on a white backdrop. Zesty yellow Louis XVI style chairs are the perfect punch to complete the room. www.decor8blog.com
This book by Richard Powers is a great resource for modern interiors. The first three photos above were taken by Richard Powers.

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