Monday, May 20, 2013

Animal Fever

Making a bold statement in an interior, whether it's with a fluorescent color or an eye-popping print, goes a long way. It makes a lasting impression, especially if it's part of a more simple layout. Next to color pop, animal print pieces are my go-to favorites for a fun yet refined design.

Take for instance the basic leopard print. It has made its firm mark on fashion, transcending trends. Unlike other fashion faux pas, the leopard print has remained a fierce contender, making its way onto fashion magazine covers like Harper's Bazaar.

Harper's Bazaar, Spring Fashion Preview Issue, January 2011

I adore a little leopard as an accent on a clutch or a small handbag. It adds a sexy tone to even an ordinary look.

Departures, January/February 2013

This room shown in a recent Architectural Digest issue is simple in nature; uniformed frames, plain white walls, and subtle color blocks. What would have been an ordinary room suddenly has an air of wild, with the addition of the zebra rug.

Architectural Digest, May 2013

Animal prints add glamour and sophistication as well. I love this arm chair from Ralph Lauren. It can give an interior that refined look you can't get from any other print.

Indian Cove Lodge Fauteuil by Ralph Lauren

Imagine this bench in the middle of a room with dark walls and furniture silhouettes. Sexy!

Valentino Bench from Erika Brunson Couture Living Collection

The rug below is amazing. It combines one of my favorite colors for interiors, kelly green, with a life-size leopard shape. Two for one!

Climbing Leopard by Diane von Furstenberg for The Rug Company

Diane von Furstenberg can't resist animal prints, just like me!
Funky Zebra by Diane von Furstenberg for The Rug Company

Animal prints easily work in any room, whether a bedroom or even a dining room. They don't overpower the design; rather they add drama.

Dining room designed by Pal + Smith, featured in Living Etc. July 2010

Master bedroom designed by Pal + Smith

I will always enjoy using animal prints in my interiors. History has shown they'll never go out of style!

If you would like to utilize my interior design services to bring more color and life into your home, please contact me through the Pal + Smith website, where you can see a small sampling of the interiors we have created for clients as well as our boutique furniture collection.

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  1. Hi Melissa! Fab post! You are so right about a touch of animal print adding a chic, sexy vibe to just about anything. I shared this post on google+.
    Super chic!
    Cheers, Heather