Thursday, July 18, 2013

Viva la White! Part Two

Though technically not a color, white is probably my favorite color. I use it in most of my interiors because it allows for more flexibility with other colors incorporated in my designs.

Kitchen designed by Pal + Smith

Kitchen designed by Pal + Smith

White is versatile and can be used in any type of room, from a contemporary room to a more traditional space or somewhere in between, like this sitting area below. I love how nearly everything in this room is white!

Sitting area designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, Elle Decor, June 2013

Here are a few furniture pieces from our collection I'd use in an all-white design.

Paris Wing Chair by Pal + Smith

Zephyr Dining Table by Pal + Smith

An all-white room may be a bit difficult to maintain (especially with kids!), but if you like the simple and sophisticated look try incorporating a few dark pieces. This will also create subtle drama in the design, something I just can't resist!

Home of Fashion Designer Henrik Bus, Living Etc., June 2013
When I saw fashion designer Henrik Bus' dining room in Living Etc., the contrast between the dark brown table and white walls reminded me of a living room I designed.

Living room designed by Pal + Smith

Saturated colors pair beautifully with white as well.

Bathroom designed by Pal + Smith
My signature  color pop designs are all about the union between vibrant colors and simple whites. This combination creates stand-out rooms that are both sophisticated and fun.
Living room designed by Pal + Smith
If you would like to utilize my interior design services to bring more color and life into your home, please contact me through the Pal + Smith website, where you can see a small sampling of the interiors we have created for clients as well as our boutique furniture collection.

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