Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Red Flair

As an interior designer who's also a fashion fanatic, I love seeing colors trending in both industries and this time it's red that's making a scene. 

Maharani wallpaper from Osborne & Little, House Beautiful August 2013

I love the red bird cage light fixture Ashley Whittaker used in the design below.

Designed by Ashley Whittaker, House Beautiful July 2013

Glamour September 2013

Designed by Philip Gorrivan, House Beautiful August 2013

Pairing red with another vivid color like teal is my signature color-pop on a whole other level! Here are a few examples from my designs:

Antoinette console table by Pal + Smith, NY Spaces Jan./Feb. 2010

Akemi table by Pal + Smith

Another color combo I've spotted a lot in recent design and fashion magazines is pink and teal. More on that playful pair in next week's blog post!